Mission of Overstock2Charity

The objectives of Overstock2Charity (O2C) is to directly connect the needy to new overstocked merchandise.

Accept with dignity: For the receipting community, they are getting new merchandise with choices and accept with dignity.

Donate with a purpose: Donors will be able to oversee the flow of the donation and get their rightful tax deduction. A fast turnaround of donations is expected to relieve warehouse requirement.

No overhead: We are a nonprofit organization run by volunteers; we connect the excessive supplies to the needy. No money is ever exchanged.

How to order donated merchandise:

1) Register your organization online.
2) After our review, if qualified, you may start ordering donations from our website.
3) Once the order is received and approved, we will send an email with the pick-up instruction.
4) Follow the instruction to pick up the merchandise.
5) After the act of charity, send the evidence of execution to O2C to close the case.

Recipient registration

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Current donations avaviable to order

Item ID 8868 9958
Description Jacket-black various sizes Jacket-black
Blus,grey various sizes
MSRV per piece $35 $22
Available quantity
in shipping unit
15 boxes 20 boxes
Pieces per shipping unit 25 pieces per box 20 pieces per box
Picture 8868 9958

My Order is:

Thank you for your act of charity, please fill the following form and we will contact you in 2 business days

General Information:

Our priority to accept orders:

First we will accept orders according to donor's preference.

Then, we will accept orders according to following priorities:
1) A pick up time and quantity that fits donor's needs.
2) Local charity with goals to execute a measureable act of charity.
3) Work close to the needy (homeless, soup kitchen, distressed families, etc…)
4) Others: Serve youth, senor, disadvantaged, under privileged groups.
Of course, our past working experience with you counts.

Contact us:

Eamil us and we will response in 2 business days